Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Volunteerism...a word that is very simple and easy to be read, but, hardly to be understand it's real meaning. To some, volunteerism means that, when u did something without been's a volunteer, for some...when u involve actively in some social & community services, helping others and sacrifices your time, it's a volunteer...some even think, when they do something for others without getting a paid or recognition from the's a volunteer. To summarize, there are so many interpretation on what actually volunteer is...but, to minimize the "scope", I’ll say, volunteer is...when you do something sincerely (from your heart) without any motive, and, what you did bring happiness and change others life (forever)...this should be to "closest" meaning of what actually volunteer is all about.

I had been involved in some of the valuable experiences as a volunteer. To make it Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) and of course, in Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) under MRCS itself. No need to be detail on what MRCS MRCS itself is a humanitarian aid society that did change most of the vulnerable life forever. This will be the easiest description on what MCRS do. To me, becoming a volunteer is indeed a very great opportunities in my life. It change me a lot...and it started to make me to think on others more life is not only about you yourself...alone. It also makes me to realize that, nothing in this world can be taken for granted. It's all about, how u interacts with the people around you.

In MRCS, I was given various opportunities to be involved actively in humanitarian aid services. For example, lending hand for several community projects like in disaster relief projects (either for flood or fire victims), dissemination on Health Care, AIDS education, first aid etc...getting together with the community from rural areas and guiding them the basic way to promote a more hygiene life style this point, I’m sure, those my friends in VAD (37) are still very actively involve in this kind of projects...all the best, don't ever let the fire of volunteerism spirit turn off. How wonderful...when your simple act and touch, could change others life forever, and for sure...only a true volunteerism spirit can do this...may all of us realize why we are here today...and why not others...even though everyone outside there could possibly be the ONE...